Jesper is a self-trained artist from the Netherlands who began his art journey back in 2010. He has spent the last decade experimenting with digital software to explore new and exciting ways to express himself through art. Since then, his work has been featured across multiple mediums such as games, films, books and more.

Jesper grew up in a creative family in which art, music and architecture played a major role. His father is an Urban designer & architect and his mother an oil painter. They often went away on family vacation abroad, studying various cultural cities and museums. During these trips his family would collect crystals, shells, and various other trinkets from the trip. Not just to collect, but also for the spiritual and symbolic meaning they represented. Jesper himself grew up in the digital age, exposing himself to an array of different subcultures in lifestyle and music. He quickly became passionate about electronic bass music such as dubstep and drum & bass as they were not afraid to push the limit in the abstraction of sounds. Such culture to this day remains a major influence across all his artworks. 
As he grew older, real life became too confrontational causing him to seek a place in which to escape for freedom. He found exactly that within the online world which offered endless possibilities to create. As a result of his anxieties in combination with his strong passion, he was able to develop rather quickly in the field of digital art. These early skills he found proved to be a powerful head start in his education.
After completing his multimedia design course, he continued into a digital art course in order to further polish his techniques. It was here that he once again came into contact with physical art techniques, further expanding his skillset. Since then, he has continually combined digital and physical tools in order to perfectly express himself. Through this experience he took his art to the next level, resulting in commissioned work for Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming. 
Due to his success, it dawned upon him at the age of 25 that there was still a lot to discover in life, especially within his own personal development. Through this realization in combination with external circumstances, he found himself at a serious low point in life. As a result of this period, his experiences manifested into in a significant change in direction within his art style. Although vastly different to his previous work, it was greatly received, garnering the attention of Christie’s auction house amongst other respected art establishments. After seeking professional help to get out of his slump, he has since entered what he describes as a fresh chapter with a new lease on life. 
❝I know as a kid I looked at the type of art I create now. And it would make me feel understood. It would calm me down. I wish to give this feeling to other people. To remind them of themselves. A huge home, the size of everything. But it fits in the heart.❞
Exhibition history:
NFT IST (Istanbul) Devconnect November 2023
MET AMS | NFTUK | November 2023
Cartography of the Soul by @ChristiesInc to benefit @MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference | June 2023
NFT NYC Babylon.art first-ever IRL exhibition | April 2023
Ninfa Milan | Gallery and Boutique Grand Opening December 2022
NFT NYC Times Square, Cozomo de’ Medic collection | 2021
Marvel | SpidermanFarFromHome blu-ray Official movie poster | Worldwide | 2019
Sandu Publications | Game Design Book Next Level | 2019

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