Jesper, born in February during the late 90s in a small village in the Netherlands, grew up in a creative environment, surrounded by art. Despite his family's creative talents, Jesper struggled with anxiety and feelings of inadequacy, finding solace in gaming and digital art. Pursuing multimedia design, he excelled despite ongoing battles with anxiety. His passion for art and gaming eventually led to success in the digital art world, embracing NFTs as a means of expression and income. 
Through therapy and self-discovery, Jesper found inner peace and a new perspective on life, which he expresses through his abstract art and storytelling. His expressions are heavily influenced by culture, architecture, and the digital age, attracting attention from prestigious institutions like Christie's auction house. "My work goes hand in hand with my sensitivity and strong intuition," Jesper says. 
"I translate the energy that I receive into visuals, and explore my own idea of life." "I have always had a hard time dealing with a world that was built around someone else's idea," "But instead of fighting it, sometimes I had to be reminded that everything I wanted already existed within myself." 
His journey serves as inspiration for others, showing the power of creativity and self-expression in overcoming adversity.
Exhibition history:
Gateway Miami hosted by Christies | Art Basel Dec 2023
Trippy labs for Beyond Basel | Miami, Florida Dec 2023 
NFT IST (Istanbul) Devconnect November 2023
MET AMS | NFTUK | November 2023
Cartography of the Soul by @ChristiesInc to benefit @MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference | June 2023
NFT NYC Babylon.art first-ever IRL exhibition | April 2023
Ninfa Milan | Gallery and Boutique Grand Opening December 2022
NFT NYC Times Square, Cozomo de’ Medic collection | 2021
Marvel | SpidermanFarFromHome blu-ray Official movie poster | Worldwide | 2019
Sandu Publications | Game Design Book Next Level | 2019

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